Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. Equipment & Cleaners

Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. operates with the latest equipment in the industry. Our new fleet of trucks is equipped with the most efficient and dirt-blasting tools for power washing. We’ve determined the correct composition of water pressure to soap and detergents to get your fleet, car or surface as clean as possible. Moreover, we use biodegradable cleaners that are approved by the government of Canada, ensuring that we are helping and not hurting our environment. To schedule your power washing appointment, give us a call.

Vehicle Washing: Exterior

  • Pro-Touch Traffic Film Remover: A professional vehicle cleaner effective on grease, oil, bug residue and exhaust deposits. It rinses to a clear, spot-free shine and is available in 3 strengths: Pro-Touch 1 for extra heavy duty; Pro-Touch II for heavy duty; and Pro-Touch V for less arduous cleaning. It is also biodegradable.
  • Kleen-Glo and Like-Nu Vehicle Cleaners: Heavy-duty cleaners for jobs with strong degreasing and decarboning requirements. Klean-Glo is great for extra heavy duty; Like-Nu is great for heavy duty and both are biodegradable.

Vehicle Cleaning: Interior

  • Citri Clean: A citrus d-Limonene (the oil extracted from citrus fruits) based cleaner for today's special requirements in environmental damage control. It is ideal for spray-and-wipe all-purpose cleaning; it comes in concentrate and is biodegradable.
  • Maple Leaf: A heavy-duty, triple-concentrate general-purpose cleaner ideal for most surfaces and materials in home or industrial use. It is silicate-free and biodegradable.
  • Enzyme Treatment: A liquid, living bacteria for odour control. The bacteria digest and liquefy organic waste, grease and food.
  • Top Gun: A concentrate made to degrease* and decarbon. It is effective on engines, trailers, heavy equipment and garbage disposal units. This formula is extra heavy-duty and is biodegradable.

*We only use protein degreasers approved for use in food plants by Agriculture Canada.

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