Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc.: Cleaning Your Parking Lots

A clean, well-kept property says a lot about its management. A properly-maintained building gives off a good impression and attracts a lot of renters, not to mention increases the value of your site and therefore your profit. Whether you're dealing with an apartment building or a commercial office, it's a good idea to keep them spotless at all times. Overall, keeping your property in mint condition will in the long run only help you to obtain great revenue.

The Problem with Parking

Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. has vast experience in washing all types of underground parking, from small and low clearance garages to large multi-leveled ones. The appearance of a building is the first thing that one notices as they enter a property. If the place happens to be dirty and foul, it will divert tenants away because it alerts them that the property is mismanaged. Underground parking garages also face the same dilemma. If they are filthy and unkempt, they pose a risk to drivers who, in the end, will decide to park someplace else.

With time, underground parking garages get very dirty. Cars bring in dirt, mud, grime, salt, sand, water and car grease. All of this stuff accumulates over time and creates a grungy atmosphere for parking cars. However, with regular power washing this problem could be corrected and the garage can be brought to its original clean state.

How We Can Solve It

If you look at the first two photos, under all that mud and rock, there is an actual drain underneath. If the drain is not cleaned out, this will become a problem, damaging the asphalt and the drain. That’s an extra cost to your business. How do we solve this?

  • Before beginning to power wash, we will remove all the mud off the floor so it won’t reach the drain during the actual cleaning.
  • In addition to the floor, cleaning other parts of the garage is equally important. All of the pipes and steel beams have to be regularly power washed in order to remove dirt and mud that, in time, would cause corrosion.
  • A high-quality professional power wash will freshen up an underground parking garage and, along with some deodorizer, will keep the place clean and dirt free until your next power wash.

After power washing is complete, the end result is a spotless concrete floor with a clean, unclogged drain. We can get that dirty lot clean; give us a call.

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