Catch Basin Cleaning Services with Vacuum Truck

Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. provides catch basin and sump pit cleaning services.

Catch Basin Cleaning Services

Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. provides catch basin and sump pit cleaning services. Our company specializes in commercial and residential catch basin maintenance and provides all year round service. We provide fast and reliable service to deal with any catch basin problem that you might be facing.

Catch basins are one of the most important, and least understood elements of your property's drainage system. Vacuuming out catch basins and sump pits on a regular basis helps to prevent pricey and expensive repairs. Catch basins serve two main purposes - by giving the runoff from a parking lot or other surface a place to collect, it stops a quick rainstorm from overwhelming the drainage system, delaying the water's flow and allowing the rest of the system to “catch up” with a sudden deluge of water.

Catch Basin Cleaning Services

Once the accumulation of dirt in the sewer reaches above the drainage pipe level, it will be much harder to clean it. Catch basin will stop functioning properly, the water will stop draining, and the area will get flooded. Property owners will have to pay for expensive power flushing as well as vacuuming out the dirt from the bottom of the catch basin. In some cases, the floor has to be demolished, and underground piping is replaced.

Additionally to the catch basin cleaning and maintenance, we also provide

  • Storm sewers cleaning
  • Sump pit cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Catch Basin
  • Area Drain
  • Trench
  • And other vacuum truck services

We operate low-profile vacuum equipment (as low as 78 inches), which can fit into low clearance underground parking garages if required. Using 4 inches or larger suction hose, we can quickly collect dirt from deep outdoor and indoor drains and sump pits. No matter how big or small your catch basin or sump pit is, if it's indoor or outdoor, we have equipment that can handle any job.

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Catch Basin Cleaning - Drain cleaning
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Catch Basin Cleaning - Excavators